"The zoya factor"

Gazing doe-eyed at night sky, as jumbo jets flew over, little did the 8 yr. old Zoya dream she would be mentioned in the Prime Minister’s address to the nation couple of decades later. Her journey of dreams began tracing the strobe lights of jetliners wanting to touch the stars as a little girl. She became first woman Commander to fly over the North Pole amongst the starry constellations breaking the chain of IMPOSSIBLE  to I’M POSSIBLE!

From staring at the clouds to actually flying among them, her journey was long and arduous, but powered by hope, self-belief, and fortitude. In 2013, Captain Zoya took her first flight from Delhi to Dubai and became the youngest woman in the world to command a Boeing 777-300ER jet, the world’s largest and most powerful commercial twin jetliner. This wise captain has taken some decisions based on a sense of duty to her fellow beings and has not just united families but also saved lives.

On January 9 2021, this rising female aviator of India made history by flying an AI176 through the world’s longest air route. She made the record as the captain of an all-women cockpit that took off from San Francisco to Bengaluru, taking the Atlantic route, becoming the first women in the world to do so.

Achievement Corner

First woman commander to fly over the North Pole on one of the world’s longest air routes in 2021, with an all-female crew.

The part of Vande Bharat Mission by Government of India to bring back stranded Indians from 12 countries during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The youngest ever commander to operate round the world flight on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2016.

Took first flight as a caption from in 2013 and became the youngest woman in the world to command a Boeing 777-300ER jet.

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“My mission is to inspire young aspiring female pilots, youth and anyone who faces self- doubts to spread their wings and make their dreams a reality’
Captain Zoya
Flight Commander at Air India Limited